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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Loving the Kids

We we're walking along the seashore, looking at the waves as they splash on the sand in the bank. It was so nice to look and watch at some flying birds with the presence of smooth wind from the sea. We walk from east to west because we have seen that at the west side of seashore was more better, considering the direction of the wind that goes south west. We encountered a tahoo vendor, feel like our stomach was very much empty so I decided to buy some for us. We enjoined eating the tahoo in a plastic cup sipping it with a straw, when it is about to get empty, I feel like having more but the tahoo vendor has gone away. We continued walking, on the seashore we have notice some holes, to our curiosity we get neat at small holes, probably one and half inch in
diameter and observe what is inside, you know we observed some creatures and we supposed that it is crab.
Not far away from us going further west, we notice some kids having plastic jars and white cellophane, it looks like they were digging in the sand while the other kids is getting water from sea, and the third kid hold the cellophane. We get near to them to see what they are doing. We have seen that they were digging a hole, same as the hole that we have seen a while ago with crab, we learn from this kids that they were getting the crab inside it. Their task is not easy, because they can't catch the crab that easy. They need to dig the hole with their bare hand using a water to get the sand soft, then if they can find the crab, they need to be careful for the crab clamp, it is so pointed that it may tear the skin of hands when it attacks. At that point, about eleven in the morning, they have only catch five crabs, two small and tree medium size.
We have found that this kids were supposed to be in school, we don't ask their names, they are about eight and nine years old. My broke when I learn that their parents can't support all their needs in going to school. That is why they prefer to be on the seashore playing and hunting for crabs, after that they will swim. Before leaving those kids, I reach from my purse a little money for them, I have seen their smile and heard their words of thank as we handed to them the small amount, that in our way leaving them we could hear the sound of thank you from them, we smile and wave our hands to them saying good bye. I see that it is very dangerous for their age to stay along the seashore with no parent and elderly person with them. I wish that their parent or relative would do something for this kids to save and bring them up as better citizen of our country.


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