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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Communication is Love Indicators

One of the greatest complaints among the young today is that though they are given so much in terms of objects, money, and physical comforts, they feel deprived of close communication. They miss the type of talk which helps them to hear their own voices, discover their own resources, make their own mistakes and seek their own solutions in a supporting environment. They often feel that true communication between themselves and those they love is, if offered at all, of limited value.

A sensitive student of mine came to see me regarding a very personal problem. When I suggested that she discuss this with her parents she told me she never could, that they would never understand. i persuaded her to

Friday, October 14, 2011

With You in a Loving Relationship

Most of us have never felt compelled to examine our relating and explore that we feel, what we say, what we do, affects it. It is imperative that this is done. Our relationship influence our mental health, our role in society and the family, our friends and lovers, and the groups to which we belong.

It is interesting to note how easy and very human it is to put off such challenging concepts as love and relationships as being natural phenomena which will take care of themselves and which require no real serious

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ideas About Loving Each Other.

  • A loving relationship is a choice partnership. Loving someone in which even imperfection is seen as possibility and, therefore, a thing of beauty; where discovery, struggle and acceptance are the basis of continued growth and wonderment.
  • A loving relationship is one of which individuals trust each other enough to become vulnerable, secure that the other person won't take advantage. It either exploits nor takes the other for granted. I t involves much communication, much sharing, and much tenderness.


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