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Monday, December 19, 2011

Communication that Imparts Love.

Communication, the art of relating, saying what we feel and mean. It is the easiest process to connect and share, listening and understanding what others will say to be sure that we have heard and get his message accurately.
The development of communication system in our time enables man on earth to relate with other man in the moon. But it is sad that mother can't talk and understand her daughter, father can't guide and get the opinion of his son, some culture won't accept other culture, labor can't reach the management, and democracy can't grasp the  demand of our fellow who idealize communism.
How can love be imparted through communication when we seldom talk about it? It is very rare that we discuss about it, we discuss business, life of other people, our goals, and what happen to our place and in other places. But we don't talk about love that connects the relation. In a relationship, blood or friendship, the aspect about love often disregarded. Sometimes, we give more value and time to our pets and things compared to relationship we have to our fellow.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Communication is Love Indicators

One of the greatest complaints among the young today is that though they are given so much in terms of objects, money, and physical comforts, they feel deprived of close communication. They miss the type of talk which helps them to hear their own voices, discover their own resources, make their own mistakes and seek their own solutions in a supporting environment. They often feel that true communication between themselves and those they love is, if offered at all, of limited value.

A sensitive student of mine came to see me regarding a very personal problem. When I suggested that she discuss this with her parents she told me she never could, that they would never understand. i persuaded her to

Friday, October 14, 2011

With You in a Loving Relationship

Most of us have never felt compelled to examine our relating and explore that we feel, what we say, what we do, affects it. It is imperative that this is done. Our relationship influence our mental health, our role in society and the family, our friends and lovers, and the groups to which we belong.

It is interesting to note how easy and very human it is to put off such challenging concepts as love and relationships as being natural phenomena which will take care of themselves and which require no real serious

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ideas About Loving Each Other.

  • A loving relationship is a choice partnership. Loving someone in which even imperfection is seen as possibility and, therefore, a thing of beauty; where discovery, struggle and acceptance are the basis of continued growth and wonderment.
  • A loving relationship is one of which individuals trust each other enough to become vulnerable, secure that the other person won't take advantage. It either exploits nor takes the other for granted. I t involves much communication, much sharing, and much tenderness.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Loving the Kids

We we're walking along the seashore, looking at the waves as they splash on the sand in the bank. It was so nice to look and watch at some flying birds with the presence of smooth wind from the sea. We walk from east to west because we have seen that at the west side of seashore was more better, considering the direction of the wind that goes south west. We encountered a tahoo vendor, feel like our stomach was very much empty so I decided to buy some for us. We enjoined eating the tahoo in a plastic cup sipping it with a straw, when it is about to get empty, I feel like having more but the tahoo vendor has gone away. We continued walking, on the seashore we have notice some holes, to our curiosity we get neat at small holes, probably one and half inch in

Friday, April 8, 2011

Relationship is a living thing

The life of human is very much colorful and complicated, it is continuous relating and associating with others. We can't go alone without companion or can't maintain the process of being single, we all need companion, we need someone to care and share our thoughts, possessions, and our self. We're not intended to live alone, that we we're inspired of living because there are people who cared for us, that there are those people who loved us and shared us their joy and their possession. But relationship won't last or stay long if we won't nurture it, it is a living thing that gives life to human, "relationship don't die, they just wither in process of not giving time and value into it."

Monday, March 7, 2011

A loving relationship

It is normal part of life that we get associated with people. Our love ones, relatives, friends, acquaintances, and others are part of people we mingled with everyday. A nice smile, a sound of hi from our mouth, a wave from our hands, and a tap on shoulder are indication of communication that signifies a loving relationship. A person needs constant interaction and association with other; in fact this will improve the health and life of human. Inner emotions can be healed through sharing of ideas, feelings, and experience; it will release tension and bring

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A loving atmosphere

I usually walk about a mile going to work and another mile in coming home. For the past three years, I pass to an interior where houses are very close; the residents can be seen doing their work and household chores. From home I go out walking passing a street inside the town proper then a few meters away entering a path way about two meters or less in width where people, bicycle, and motorcycle can pass. What inspire me in walking instead of riding a Pedi cab and pay five to ten pesos is the atmosphere that I see when I pass. I will encounter acquaintances for long period because way back during elementary and college days, they were the same people I passed, though we don’t have time to sit and talk to relate, to smile and wave hands on each other is enough to show our care and love for each other.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jealousy; is it a manifestation of love or cruelty.

“I will kill you because I love you, I don’t want you to be with her!” A wife had said this line to her husband. She doesn’t want to let her husband go and be with his girlfriend, maybe she is too much possessive of her husband. This situation is not new or unusual; in fact several broken families had suffered because of this. If the family encountered problems, they put blame in each other instead of putting solution and building a better relationship.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What matters most, relation or possession?

Common things like money, car, watch, computer, food, pets, and other materials are cause of dispute and misunderstanding. Because we exert much effort in providing and having those things we tend to value them so much, that we keep them and protect it. We don’t notice that the materials we gain are more important than the relationship we have with our partner, kids, siblings, parents, and friends. There are instances that because we value those things too much, if they are broken or destroyed by our fellow, we get angry with them, hurt them or the worst kill them for some simple things. It is after committing the bad decision that you conclude you’re wrong.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is it the heart or mind that decide for love

A lady says that she fall in love to a young man. She met this boy in a birthday party where they were both invited. She heard much rumors and hearsay about these young men that he was a womanizer and has a bad attitude. But instead of disregarding the boy, she ignores it and she develops a different feeling towards him, it is somewhat dipper than like. The lady likes to see and be with the boy if there are chances. She starts dreaming of having him in her side. The boy doesn’t know anything about the attraction from the girl but he notice that the girl is in good mode whenever they’re together. Because the boy was used to be with ladies, he just ignores the

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to share and express love

A mother will sacrifice and will give her life for her child.
Single mother to bare child and sustain the needs until it grows up.
Father will sustain the need and wants of his child just to show his love and care for them.
Sacrifice himself for other.
Father will beat his child when he corrects them so that they will grow to be good boys and girls.
Parents will leave their children at young age to sustain and prepare their needs for future.
Remain single for parents, siblings, or relatives.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love is FREE

The world that was given to us is free. We have sunlight, fresh air, rain and water, beautiful surroundings, parents, brothers and sisters, friends, and all the things that are present in our environment are given by our Creator free. Have we notice that the turning of the globe to have a day and night is a great blessing to us? Our ability to breathe air freely, chew food deliciously is a great opportunity that anyone could have.
When we are surrounded with volume of water and other tragic experience if you have it, there comes an instance that we lost hope because of destroyed property and lost of love one, then after tragedy there are people who are ready to assist and provide help.
Although time comes that almost all commodities we need can’t be acquired without money in our pocket. The clean water that we can get from stream or spring before are taken free, but now at present fresh water can be obtain over the counter paying some amount just to quench and relieved our thirst.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love can't be seen but often felt

Love begins from attraction to objects, place, weather, foods, animals, and to our fellow. The love that we feel often emerges from simple attraction, likeness, then a different feeling that we call it "love."
Love is a thing that can't be seen but only felt. The manifestation of love is shown through sweet smile, embrace, hand shake, giving, helping, touching, and even in answering simple question or showing direction. That is what love is, you give yourself, you sacrifice anything in the name of love. It's fabulous and miraculous, no one dictates us to do so, but when it comes to us, it covers all aspect of life.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Expression of Love

Love makes the world go round.
Love is the reason why there is a continuous living.
Love makes human relating.
Love shows possibilities for change.
Love initiates forgiveness.
Love makes the world full of color.


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