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Monday, December 19, 2011

Communication that Imparts Love.

Communication, the art of relating, saying what we feel and mean. It is the easiest process to connect and share, listening and understanding what others will say to be sure that we have heard and get his message accurately.
The development of communication system in our time enables man on earth to relate with other man in the moon. But it is sad that mother can't talk and understand her daughter, father can't guide and get the opinion of his son, some culture won't accept other culture, labor can't reach the management, and democracy can't grasp the  demand of our fellow who idealize communism.
How can love be imparted through communication when we seldom talk about it? It is very rare that we discuss about it, we discuss business, life of other people, our goals, and what happen to our place and in other places. But we don't talk about love that connects the relation. In a relationship, blood or friendship, the aspect about love often disregarded. Sometimes, we give more value and time to our pets and things compared to relationship we have to our fellow.


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