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Friday, January 6, 2012

Reinventing Relationship

The presence of different technology we have right now affect the way we relate to others.
The situation; the presence of cellphone, internet, and different gadgets had given us excuse to be related in person. The hectic schedule we have with business and object, replace the precious time that we must have with fellow. The monitor and camera had taken the part for us to be shown in person. Some of us are afraid or a shamed to show and express ourselves in person, while brave to type anything on keyboard and keypad. We are more comfortable to send email, chat, and text, than to say and express it in words and in actions.

The problem; the ties and bonds of relation slowly disbanded. The relationship in a family, relatives, clans, and friends continue to deteriorate. We have formulated different solutions, but not solutions to have better relationship. We have build buildings and houses, but not families with better relationship. We form union and organizations of people, but not intimate relation that will give respect to each other as a person. We accumulate and reach higher stages of learning, but we don't have closer relation and interaction with each other.

The possible solution; if technology continue to innovate and reinvent, we can also improve and reinvent relationship that will go with the trend, that will create better environment relating to each other. It will not cost us much to improve and build closer relation with others.
Here are some action that could help;
  1.  Let us use our mouth keenly, so that every word that will come out will be convincing and inspiring to others.
  2.  Let us use our image modestly, so that anyone who can see us will not be afraid but will develop within himself a feeling of love. 
  3. Let us use our action to contribute better and finer things to show meekness and concern. 
  4. Let us show a face that has an image of belonging, so that others will not be shy, aloof, and get scared upon seeing us. 

The simple action if done properly, will improve and develop relation we have now and for the future. Machine can not substitute what man can do in relating to his fellow.

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