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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How Should We Listen?

The most important part of communication is listening. We should understand the presence of  our two ears and one mouth, we have to listen carefully. We have to yield, submit, and accept in the process of communicating. Do not insist on reason and ideas, because you will have the opposite which is resistance and refusal. Learn the different process of communicating, practice it and then carefully implement.

Here are some possible way to improve your listening skill;

  1. Stay quite; while others are talking, listen carefully.
  2. Nod or say yes; if you get it.
  3. Smile, to show your appreciation.
  4. Look at his eyes and not on anything else.
  5. Reach out after your agreement.
  6. Have some touch to let them feel your sympathy.
  7. Recognize and appreciate for the information you have learn and earn.
Your love and concern in a relationship is not hard to impart. Become an active listener, it is not enough to tell and show love one your concern and their value for you. The reasons for broken relationship is refusal to listen and accept. The reason why kids do not stay or not at ease to stay at home is that, they don't have someone who will listen to their concerns. If we only knew correct art of listening, then we must possess the magic of maintaining a terrific relationship.  


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