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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love can't be seen but often felt

Love begins from attraction to objects, place, weather, foods, animals, and to our fellow. The love that we feel often emerges from simple attraction, likeness, then a different feeling that we call it "love."
Love is a thing that can't be seen but only felt. The manifestation of love is shown through sweet smile, embrace, hand shake, giving, helping, touching, and even in answering simple question or showing direction. That is what love is, you give yourself, you sacrifice anything in the name of love. It's fabulous and miraculous, no one dictates us to do so, but when it comes to us, it covers all aspect of life.

It's time to feel it, because if you don't, you missed a lot in your life. It is a great privileged to love and to be loved, try it and experience the difference of having it, share it also so that others will be blessed by having you in their lives. Both living and non living needs to be loved, because they are a part of our environment.
Never be discourage to love and to be loved again if you've traumatic experience in the past. It's part of becoming and growing, accept every challenges and difficulties that is dealt with love, because they are a part of lesson we take to be a good individual in our own areas.


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